Services – to find a Doula

What End of Life Doula services are available and how do I find one? 

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The services an End of Life Doula offers are broad and varied.    Sometimes it is the person with the life limiting diagnosis who is the client and in other situations it can be the family/carer/friends.

Needs change over time, so to can the services provided…sometimes they will reduce and sometimes increase depending on the choice and needs of the person/s receiving the doula services.

An example of some possible services are:

  • Phone consultation and support
  • Family/support team assistance
  • Personal 1:1 and vigiling support towards and after end of life
  • Coordination of all services and care
  • Assistance in arranging care, supports and resources
  • Complementary therapies to assist with alleviating side effects and symptoms and promote peace of mind and ease
  • Support to those caring for their friends/family at home
  • Professional support to Doulas: supervision, mentoring etc.

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What is usually most helpful is to book in an obligation free consultation to ascertain what services will be most useful and timely.

To do that please email or call 0413917574 to arrange a mutually convenient time.

You can also access End of Life Doula Services through our partner The Australian Doula College at or by emailing them at