Some of our favorite partners and resources:

Preparing the Way is committed to ALL people having choice at end of life and being empowered to fulfill their choices.

In this fast changing industry there are lots of options and resources and people doing amazing work and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you.

ps…this is definite work in progress ūüôā

The Australian Doula College:

♥  delivering professional training in both birth and end of life doula services and support and also who you can contact to arrange to have a Doula or to discuss what a Doula could provide for you.

Natural Grace Holistic Funeral Directors:

‚ô•¬† extraordinary companions and champions in this end of life journey…advocating and delivering family led death, after death and funeral care.¬† Also a source of natural death and burial options alongside environmental and sustainable options.

Natural Death Advocacy Network (NDAN):

♥  NDAN is  a growing Australian network and advocacy partnership of community facilitators, professionals, activists and educators working to enrich the experience of dying and death.

Their aim is to create an informative, innovative and transparent organization advocating holistic approaches to dying and death through independent research and action. Their main areas of advocacy include death education, funeral planning, family lead funeral care, natural burial and bereavement care.

NDAN is committed to providing individuals, families and communities with professional, creative and informed assistance to choose meaningful, humane and ecological pathways at the end of life.