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Will I get the same results from the training if I do it online rather than face to face?

Both the 1 Day Foundation Workshop and the 4 Day Intensive Course are exactly the same program whether delivered online or face to face. There are no changes to the content nor the exercises.

Your educator has significant experience and skill at delivering a dynamic, interactive and powerful program.

Course manuals and all relevant course items are express posted to you ahead of the course along with extensive guidelines for your happy and optimum participation in the virtual training space.

Read what our doulas say about the training, where completed by Skype or Zoom.
End Of Life Doula Training Testimonials

Where is the training held?

NOTE: ALL training will be delivered on Zoom and/or Skype, whilst ever our Government Health Authorities
mandate socially social distancing and we are limited to only essential travel in the community.

The workshop and courses (when face to face) are usually held in:

  • Sydney – Meriton Apartments in Zetland
  • Melbourne – Hotel in Melbourne City

The courses on Zoom/Skype are surprisingly intimate and effective.  Your manuals and any necessary items are express posted to you before the training.

How am I best advised to book my flights?

It is recommended that you fly in the night before the course so that you are not rushed or delayed on the morning of the start of the program. It does not work to miss the beginning or to be late.

On the final evening of the course we finish by 6pm so whether in Melbourne or Sydney to book a return flight from 8pm onwards allows plenty of time to get to the airport.

It is recommended that participants purchase travel insurance in case of unforseen emergencies relating to flights or accommodation bookings.

How can I organise accommodation for the face to face course?

There are several accommodation options available:

It is recommended that participants purchase travel insurance in case of unforseen emergencies relating to flights or accommodation bookings.


  • The 4 Day Intensive Course is usually held in a 3 bedroom apartment and people who live at a distance or who wish to have a ‘retreat’ style program are able to request a private or twin shared room in the apartment – the cost varies depending on hotel prices at the time of booking.
    Average pricing is $75 per person per night twin share and $150 per night per person for a private room. There is shared bathroom and this price includes your breakfast and lunch.
    Please indicate in at the top of page 2 of the registration form if you wish to follow this option.
    ** Note: first in first reserved.
  • You can stay in the same apartment building – please email your preference for this and we can get you a good rate.
  • You can secure your own through airBnB, bookings.com or Stayz or other accommodation listings.
Is there a recommended time between completing the 1 Day Foundation Workshop and 4 Day Intensive Course?

One thing to bear in mind, schedule and manage is that there is a preparation project that needs to be completed in between the Foundation Workshop and Intensive Course which involves writing a story of a death in your life (there are particular guidelines about that) and doing some reading and reflection from things you receive in the one day.

The project is sent out 2 weeks before the 4 day course so you will at least be able to get your story written in between the two you will need to complete the reading and reflection. These all need to be completed before you begin the 4 day.

It is reported that this project can take between 8 – 10 hours of your time.

How do I get work once I have finished my training?

It is important to realise that this is an emerging industry and profession so it is unlikely that you will complete your training and people will be lining up for your services – yet! 😊 It is like starting your own business AND this is a growing industry and one of our primary focus is getting the word out there more in the mainstream media that this service exists.

Every month we are seeing an increased awareness and acceptance of this role and its benefits and demand is growing.

  • In the 4 Day Intensive Course we focus on where and how one can market oneself, what services you could offer, fees and service packages, the next steps in ‘becoming’ a professional doula and how to share what you do.
  • Once you have completed the 4 day course you will continue to receive support from Preparing the Way and there are other options for sharing your business and services in the public and social media arenas.
Can I go on a waiting list if the Intensive I want to do is full?

You are welcome to register for the next ‘open’ program and also request to be placed on the waiting list for your preferred program should someone withdraw. You need to be sure that you have all the preparation project completed and keep those dates available in case it is a last minute thing.

Will there be training later in the year?

The calendar comes out in 6 monthly groups – usually October for the new year and May for the 2nd half of year. Once you are on our mailing list (by making an enquiry) you will receive the list of all open programs once they are released. Also, you can keep an eye on the training dates page as well as that will be updated with any changes.

Can I get a discount as a disability or pension card recipient?

This is discussed on a person by person basis. Also we are happy to offer a payment plan for the 4 Day Intensive Course. Please contact us with your enquiry.

Do you obtain a Certificate with the courses you offer?

Yes, there is a Statement of Attendance for the 1 Day Foundation Workshop and a Certificate of Completion for the 4 Day Intensive Course.


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