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Australia and New Zealand’s most comprehensive End of Life Doula Training

ALL training is being delivered on Zoom.
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End of Life Doula training, death literacy education and community work is so important and needed for our world right now.

Our communities need End of Life Doulas now: to champion, reassure, advocate, listen and care.

The Preparing the Way 1 Day Foundation Workshop and 4 Day Intensive Course are designed
for those supporting one or many in their personal or professional life.

They are also for people who have a professional background and wish to deepen their skills in end of life support,
e.g. Nurses, Complementary Therapists, Aged Residential Facility staff etc.

There are 2 trainings: (More details below)

  • 1 Day Foundation Workshop
  • 4 Day Intensive Course (Note: the 1 Day Foundation Workshop is a pre-requisite)

To ensure individual support and to maximise interaction and participation for all participants the programs are kept small in number.

ALL training is being delivered on Zoom.

1 Day Foundation Workshop

This is a stand-alone workshop, tuition is $495.00 (incl GST) which includes all course materials, workshop manual and a Certificate of Attendance.

Broadly we cover:


  • Death and dying: Who dies? What is a preferred death? What is Palliative Care? What is Conscious Dying?
  • Who is an End of Life Doula and what does an End of Life Doula do? Inside and out.
  • The 10 stages of end-of-life and how to respond to them.
  • Planning for, conversations, resources relevant to all the stages of end-of-life
  • What’s next?  Care of self and the living.

Completing the 1-day Preparing the Way workshop with Helen was a pleasure and a valuable introduction to the 3-day workshop to follow. I was impressed by the group connectedness and presence I experienced, despite the fact that all participants were attending the workshop via Skype from different locations. Helen’s passion and love for this work was inspiring and encouraging and I could really feel the joy she is able to hold in what for some can be a time and space of darkness, heaviness and fear. I also appreciated Helen’s obvious experience with midwifing the dying process, and enjoyed hearing her tales and wisdom received.
~ Eloise F., Advanced First Aid Officer, Sydney

4 Day Intensive Course

Includes all course materials, workshop manual and a Certificate of Completion and ongoing support, community development and opportunities.

Tuition: $1,995 (incl. GST) for 2021 Courses

We are thrilled to announce that this tuition now includes a 6 part Masterclass Series I from 2020 after completion of the 4 day!

Topics include: Advance Care Planning, Ethics and Documentation, Branding and Marketing, How to hold Death Café’s and Making KickA*** Presentations and the 2020 Wrap up and 2021 Plans & Happenings!

The purpose of this training is to enquire, build your awareness and empower you to be of service with those dying and those around them.  Also, time is spent looking into what one needs if they wanted to do this work in their community.

During 2018, in response to participants feedback asking for more in depth training in skills based hands on after death body care and basic funeral planning we, in collaboration with Natural Grace Holistic Funeral Directors, developed this premier End of Life Doula Training.

The training is designed for people in the community and/or professionals who want a more in depth understanding and develop skills in end of life support and those who feel “called” to become an End of Life Doula and contribute to one or many in their families, lives or communities.

Broadly we cover:

  • Meditation and related practices
  • The essence of “service”
  • Planning and questioning exercises
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Pain v/s suffering and their management
  • Compassion:  boundaries & burnout
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Communication
  • The law across the states of Australia
  • Practical skills of after death and home based body care
  • Natural burial and cremation options
  • Sudden, accidental and traumatic deaths
  • Planning a funeral/memorial
  • The business of being an End of Life Doula: services offered, what is your basic message? Promotion/marketing/business strategies
  • What is available on completion of the training and next steps

The more we have the privilege of walking alongside the dying, of examining our own mortality, the more we can live life and access our own innate compassion and capacity to contribute to others … it is a blessing.


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