EOL Doula Foundation Workshop

End of Life Foundation Workshop

About our End of Life Doula Foundation Workshop:

This is an introductory, ‘foundation laying’ workshop and is perfect for you whether you are interested in caring for someone close to you in your life or whether you are looking at working professionally as an end of life doula in your community.

Maybe you are testing the waters to see if this is something for you?  Or, as so many tell us, you feel ‘called’ to this work and are committed to making a difference to people at end of life (just as we are!). Maybe you are shopping around looking at all your options in this training space… Maybe you already work in the health related sector and want to diversify your skills?

…wherever and whoever you are, we know that our EOL Foundation Workshop:

    • Increases people’s awareness, understanding and overall knowledge about end of life concerns (across all 10 stages of end of life) in a non-clinical/medical way
    • Has people leave with more questions than they came in with and we celebrate that because it shows their minds, hearts and world have been opened up to new possibilities and they now know so much more about this whole end of life space
    • Supports people to have conversations with those they care about, take action in their own end of life planning and have courage where perhaps before they didn’t.

The Foundation Workshop end of life doula training is delivered either over 1 full day or 2 half days and is a journey beginning with the big picture of end of life, beginning to truly understand a lot of the common questions, concepts and principles related to end of life: e.g.

  • What holistic palliative care is (not just the medical/clinical version)
  • What is conscious dying?
  • What are our death and end of life preferences and how do we ensure we get them?
  • How do we support our person dying at home if that is what they prefer?
  • How do we retain capacity, control and choice around our own end of life?
  • What are all the parts of paperwork and other plans we need to consider?
  • What is the difference between how care is provided in a hospital, palliative care unit or hospice?
  • What are the 10 stages of end of life and what do I need to know about them:
    –    What conversations are relevant
    –    What resources are relevant
    –    What planning is relevant and how do I best support someone in those stages?
  • Who and what a doula is and what is it they actually do?

Our educators are highly skilled, experienced and passionate people and end of life doulas. They share many stories of actual real life situations so that you really get a strong feeling for this work and also your capacity to fulfil this, if it is a dream for you.

It’s a big day (or 2 half days).  It’s full, rich and our groups are small so you get to be with like minded people and explore this sensitive yet beautiful time of a person’s life.  Please come join us and expand the conversation and awareness around end of life in our families, communities and our world.  Our world needs you…

EOL Doula Foundation Workshop

one day or two half days
on Zoom
all course materials and certificate of completion

Tuition: $495 AUD inc GST

EOL Doula Foundation Workshops

I was delighted that even after having had a range of experiences around death and dying during my career as a Registered Nurse,
I gained a wealth of additional knowledge from the Workshop!
~ Deb, Registered Nurse, Gippsland