EOL Doula Intensive Course

EOL Doula Intensive Course

End of Life Doula Intensive Course

The Foundation Workshop, which is the pre-requisite to the 4-day Intensive, is like skimming a stone over the river…it touches many times but doesn’t go deeply…that is why we have the Intensive. Having complete the Foundation Workshop and a 2 part preparation project in between the 2 courses, everyone begins the 4 day intensive with the same baseline knowledge.

Our 4-day dives deep now.  The first day begins an immersion experience where each person tells a personal end of life story which creates a deep wealth of heartfelt sharing and kinship.  People connect deeply in this training and often become lifelong friends.

Then over the next 3 days we work with our experiences from different angles. There is group work, work completed in pairs, lots of conversations, stories, and deep interaction.

We deep dive on who we have to ‘be’ to do this work – it is transformational and healing.

We cover things like: listening in new ways, being with, self care, grief and bereavement, compassion and resilience, meditation and complementary therapies.

We deep dive on what we ‘do’ in this work – it is confidence giving, inspiring and extensive.

Some of the things we cover are: the difference between pain and suffering and ways to make a difference to both, planning, after death holistic care, funeral planning, ritual, bathing and dressing the body, cooling mechanisms for safe after death care of the deceased, end of life law in each state of Australia and more.

We deep dive on the steps to starting a business in this work – it is encouraging, motivating and empowering.

We cover things like: what does a doula actually do – over 30 different possibilities!, how to share what we do with people, fee and service packages and structures, our business responsibilities: ethics, privacy, confidentiality, record keeping etc. How and where do we promote and market ourselves? What is next in our professional and personal development? What are our next steps and what is available for our support after the training?

After the 4-day Intensive we offer an impressive and meaningful array of support structures, services and mentoring to our doulas.  It does not stop with the training…that is just the beginning of this wonderful road we walk.

Come and join us, come and fulfil that longing you have to make a difference. Be courageous and step into this conversation that most turn away from.

Together we will make an enormous difference in our world.  At Preparing the Way we are what we say we are, we do what we say we do and we deliver…for you and for our world.

Broadly we cover: 

    • The essence of “service”
    • Planning and questioning in communication
    • Complementary therapies, meditation and related practices
    • Pain versus suffering – their nuances and support strategies
    • Compassion: boundaries and burnout
    • Bereavement, grief and loss
    • The law across the states of Australia (and New Zealand for NZ-specific training)
    • Sudden, accidental and traumatic deaths
    • Practical skills for after death and home-based body care
    • Natural burial and cremation options
    • Planning a funeral/memorial
    • Self care and resilience

To ensure individual support and to maximise interaction, participation and learning outcomes for all, we keep classes to an intimate size. Contact us now to secure your place.

EOL Doula Intensive Course

Prerequisite: completion of the EOL Doula Foundation Workshop
Duration: four days (consecutive)
Delivered: on Zoom
Includes: course manual, resources
and certificate of achievement;
ongoing support, community
development and opportunities.

Special offer!
Our Intensive Course tuition fee includes access to our 6-part Series I Masterclasses covering:
Advance Care Planning, Ethics and Documentation, Branding and Marketing, Holding a Death Cafe, Making Kick Ar*e Presentations and more!

Tuition: $1,995 AUD inc GST

EOL Doula Intensive Courses

Who would have thought that spending four days talking about death and dying would leave me feeling uplifted and inspired. Even though we did it via Zoom it was incredibly intimate, fun and connected. The course content is incredibly in depth and varied, I learnt so so much. Helen is a force of nature in a positive, loving, generous and authentic way. I felt like I’d known her for ages straight off the bat. I absolutely loved the End of Life Doula training.
~ Mandy P., Producer, Sydney