This is the world’s first
10966NAT Certificate IV in
End of Life Doula Services.

It’s only natural you’ll have some questions!

Interested in becoming an accredited EOL Doula?

Our 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services is ready for students!

Bringing this unique and world-first course to market has been our dream for over half a decade. It has only been made possible through collaboration with key stakeholders across the nursing, healthcare, and End of Life Doula and related care industries.

We have answered what we anticipate will be your most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t see your question answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualification will I receive?

You’ll receive the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services and become an accredited EOL Doula. This qualification is delivered in partnership with Essential Skills Training and Recruitment.

What can I do with this qualification?

If you feel ‘called’ to be of service to people and those close to them at the end of life, this qualification will give you the comprehensive professional training, skills and knowledge you need to carry out this work effectively.

This 18-month course qualifies you to provide end of life doula services, home-based end of life and after-death care to people who have life-limiting conditions, terminal illnesses or are advancing in age. You’ll have the skills to assist them in the fulfillment of their wishes, preferences, and needs while aligning with their core values. In addition, you will assist and bridge the service gaps within the medical model and provide vital support working alongside our nursing, medical and allied health colleagues.

You’ll also be best equipped to practice as an end of life doula in mainstream clinical or medical, palliative and/or aged care environments in clinically-based palliative and aged care support models.

If you currently work in the aged care, clinical, nursing or allied health space, this qualification will deepen your practice, enhance your holistic performance and satisfaction in your chosen vocation, and support you to provide a more holistic service to people at end of life and those caring for them.

How do I know if I want to be an end of life doula?

If you haven’t already, we recommend completing our 1-day Foundation Workshop and 4-day Intensive course. These will introduce you to the fundamentals of becoming an end of life doula, namely who we have to ‘be’, what we ‘do’, and allow you to see if this is something you feel called to do as this role is not for everybody.

How long is the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services?

This accredited training is a part-time, 18-month course, which equates to around 15 hours per week with a 4-week break over Christmas / New Year. These 15 hours include a combination of face to face and online classrooms, tutorials, forums, practicals, self-paced work and assessments.

When does the EOL Doula course start?

We’ve scheduled the first course to begin on 25 September, 2022 and applications are now open. Capacity is limited to 30 students per intake. If you’d like to enrol, please register your interest to receive further information, and then submit an application if you choose to proceed. Additional courses will begin 12 February 2023 and June 2023. Details to come.

Who are the trainers?

All our trainers are experienced end of life doulas who have completed the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and are engaged by Preparing the Way.  Specialist guest speakers, including Natural Grace Holistic Funeral Directors, will share their knowledge and expertise throughout the course.

Who developed the course?

The Preparing the Way team plus a significant group of EOL industry partners, and EOL doulas collaborated to design the training under the direction, and funding of Preparing the Way. The training has been assessed and validated by our partner Registered Training Organisation, Essential Skills Training and Recruitment.

What study options are available?

The EOL Doula course is a combination of face to face and zoom classroom, structured and self-paced learning. There will also be tutorials for focused learning, forums for facilitated learning and study, a buddy system with another student, and extensive access to dedicated trainers.

What are the requirements to apply?

Applicants for our 10966NAT Certificate in End of Life Doula Services must:

    • Be 25 years of age or older
    • Provide a Police, Working with Children, and Working with Vulnerable People check (or the equivalent in your state/territory)
    • Have high level language, literacy, and numeracy skills
    • Attend an interview to determine your suitability for this course
    • Have the emotional and professional maturity to deal with traumatic situations
    • Be available in person to attend the face to face elements of the course
How do I apply?

Please register your interest here, and we’ll send you an email with the course information and steps on how to apply.

How much does the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services cost?

This 18-month, 1095 hour course costs $12,195, with payment plan options available. If you’ve already completed our 4-day Intensive training, we offer a $1,100 credit towards tuition.

In addition, participants will have travel and accommodation costs for the face to face training days plus recommended reading and resources etc.

Do you have payment options?

We understand that paying the entire tuition fee at once isn’t feasible for every student. So, once you’ve paid a $1500 deposit when we accept your application, you can spread the remaining payments by taking up a payment plan over a weekly, fortnightly or monthly over a 12-month period if this suits you best. Read the course information for more details.

Can I access HECS-HELP government funding for this course?

Government funding is not currently available for this course. 

Do you allow for Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer?

The Registered Training Organisation, Essential SkillsTraining and Recruitment (ESTR) will grant Credit Transfer on application to the equivalent, current units of competency completed in previous courses to those in our 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services. 

We encourage you to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) on enrolment. Applications for Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer will be processed in accordance with ESTR’s policies and procedures.

If I have completed the 1-day and 4-day courses, do I receive any discount on the cost of the Certificate IV course?

If you have completed our 4-day Intensive Course, you’ll receive a $1100 credit towards the tuition of the Certificate IV.

What if I need to postpone study due to illness or personal reasons?

If you need to postpone your study for illness or personal reasons, we require evidence for your absence(s) and will conduct an assessment to evaluate how and when you can complete your studies and how we may assist you.

Do I need this qualification in order to be an EOL Doula?

You don’t need to study this course to be an EOL Doula. However, we believe having the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services will open up many doors for your career, allowing you to work in your private practice as well as in more traditional medical and clinical settings.

Who is Essential Skills Training and Recruitment and why are they involved?

Essential Skills Training and Recruitment (RTO ID 91729) is a registered training organisation (RTO) that we have partnered with to be able to offer the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services to the world. As the industry experts, Preparing the Way have designed and will deliver the lessons and training on behalf of Essential Skills. Essential Skills as the RTO manage the enrolment, validating the training and assessment results, reporting, and all other quality and certification processes associated with your course. 

Find out more about Essential Skills Training and Recruitment here

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