End of life training

We have EOL training suitable for everyone

Preparing the Way provides the most comprehensive end of life doula training in Australasia with different courses to suit everyone, because we are dedicated to only training in end of life (and not birth doula training). 

 From short self led e-courses, to our 1 day Foundation workshop to start finding out what you really need to know about EOL.

To our 4 day Intensive face to face educator led course, run with no more than 9 students in a class for quality one on one guidance in EOL doula training.  Afterwards we provide ongoing EOL doula support and training, as well as an active EOL doula community with over 400 PTW graduates who have all got your back. 

Our resources, delivery and learning outcomes are developed to reflect our mission to educate and inspire for changes in end of life options, possibilities and choices for all. 

EOL Short Courses

The purpose of our short courses are to give you back choice, capacity and control around end of life for yourself and those close to you by sharing information with you and hopefully inspiring you to progress your end of life planning for you and yours.

PTW has several great EOL short courses to roll out in the coming months, so be sure to follow us on facebook to be first to hear when these each launch. 

EOL Foundation Workshop

Deepen your understanding of death and dying, and learn the basics of how to support someone who is facing their end of life. This interactive workshop will equip you to provide a deeper level of support and service for those you care about or could be your first step to becoming a doula.

EOL Intensive Course

A comprehensive immersion in death literacy and end of life support. This 4 day Intensive course, held face to face on zoom, is ideally suited to those who may currently work in allied health or be looking to work in the community as an end of life doula…