Our end of life doulas

Meet some of our end of life doulas

Meet some of our Preparing the Way end of life doulas.

Find out why they became end of life doulas, what the day of an end of life doula is like, and what they get from the role. With permission, some share their client stories.

End of life doulas make a positive difference in outcomes for clients and their families during what can be a very uncertain time. End of life doulas provide sincere, compassionate support to help clients achieve the end of life choices that best suit them.

Preparing the Way end of life doula Briget Kelly.

Briget Kelly

In 2019, I began to think about how the average Australian and our society manage the natural process of death and dying, and I had a strong feeling that I could make things better. Over that year, while I was supporting my sister with an advanced cancer diagnosis, three family members died. Unfortunately, I could not be present or provide practical support around the time of their passing. I sensed that had I not been interstate, I could have made a real difference in my relatives’ end of life experience.

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Preparing the Way end of life doula Karyn Steele

Karyn Steele

In 2014, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. It came as a shock; we had so many questions at the time. Through this time, I thought to myself that I want to help others and support them to have loved ones die at home, to allow people to remain partners, parents, and siblings and not be carers, and have those difficult conversations about death and dying.

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