Our Team

Helen Callanan

Managing Director, Founder and Lead Educator

Helen is a practicing end of life doula and the founder, managing director and lead educator of Preparing the Way. Trained in TCM and Reiki and with more than 30 years experience working with the very ill and dying, Helen has deep insight into health and healing.

The death experiences of her own parents, family, friends and many clients and her passion for education that transforms, led Helen to establishing Preparing the Way and bringing her wealth of knowledge to hundreds of doulas, clients and their families and those close to them.

Helen and all our team at Preparing the Way’s hold, and are at work on, the vision of ALL people being empowered with choice at end of life and ALL people being supported by trained end of life doulas.  Come and join us!

Catherine Hutton

Systems Lead

With a background in accounting and international banking and a longstanding interest in healing and well-being, Catherine has a passion for making a difference in the world. The deaths of both her parents just three months apart highlighted to Catherine the crucial role doulas play at end of life.  Responsible for developing Preparing the Way’s learning management and accounting systems, Catherine finds joy in applying her extensive corporate experience to supporting and developing our EOLDs.

Jo Fuller

Senior Educator

Jo has a background in palliative and aged care nursing, as well as pathology and medical research. Prior to training as an end of life doula, she completed a professional management program with Adelaide University. As one of Preparing the Way’s senior educators, Jo has extensive experience in doula’ing those at end of life, and is currently completing her Cert IV in Training and Assessment, as well as studying Mental Health Peer Work.

Jancine Hurst

Student Journey Lead

Starting her career as a nanny, for 20 years Jancine complemented this with aged care until her own experiences with family and friends dying poorly lit a fire in her belly to find a better way. As an end of life doula Jancine’s passion and purpose is aligning people with what matters most for them at their end of life, improving death literacy and making sure our Preparing the Way students are well supported.

Berneice Callow

Compliance and Accreditation Consultant

Berneice has an extensive background in the VET sector working in regulatory compliance, management and training in TAFE, private RTO’s and the disability and government sectors. Prior to entering the VET sector Berneice worked in legal services and banking industries as well as running a massage practice with a special interest in infant massage and working with older clients. Berneice leads the team in further development of the upcoming Certificate IV and oversees training, assessment and compliance.

Cherie Maglis

Marketing and Events Lead

Cherie was drawn to the end of life doula profession after 25+ years in various project, marketing and business management roles; and after experiencing personal losses including her stillborn son. Cherie has always been passionate about death literacy, lifting the taboo around death and advocating for living and dying well. It is gratifying to Cherie to now be in a role that helps to train, develop and support other EOL doulas, and to be immersed in a vocation that is positively life changing for so many.