Press Release

Press Release 

Preparing the Way launches the world’s first ever 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services


Preparing the Way is launching the world’s first and only nationally accredited 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services on June 26th.

No stranger to innovative approaches to end of life support and services, Preparing the Way has trained over 500 EOL Doulas to be able to deliver practical, non-medical care and support to those reaching the end of their lives, their families, carers, and their loved ones.

Developing a recognised accredited qualification for End of Life Doulas has been a passion project for Helen Callanan (Founder and Managing Director at Preparing the Way) for many years now and with its launch, will see Australia placed firmly on the world stage. 

“Quote from Helen here”

 “Given the statistics around aging, end of life and the baby boomer ‘silver tsunami’ on our horizon there is a pressing and growing need to be able to support people, those close to them and our communities at large.  The need is for our families and community folk to be confident to care for those that are advancing in age or living with a life limiting diagnosis.

Death is not a medical event and most want to die in their own home surrounded by those they care about and care about them.  This nationally accredited training will support the delivery of those non-medical support services that can bridge the current gaps in care provision through more mainstream services.

In addition, this qualification will open doors into our more conventional care settings so we really can provide the end of life care that individuals and families deserve.” 

Answering the call

Following the monumental success of their Foundation Workshop and Intensive courses, Preparing the Way responded to the demands within the conventional care delivery arenas and End of Life Doula community to create a recognised qualification supporting the delivery of holistic compassionate EOL Doula support.

By delivering this revolutionary 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services, they will be giving people the chance to become some of the world’s very first accredited end of life doulas. This will not only change the lives of the people they work with, but will provide an even greater bridge across the gaps in end of life support in our country..

Those who are accepted into this program will be enrolled with Essential Skills Training and Recruitment (RTO ID 91729) and training will be delivered in partnership by Preparing the Way.

About the course

Over an 18 month period, students of this course will be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and training needed to be able to:      

  • Launch their own EOL Doula practice
  • Work within traditional, conventional EOL care settings
  • Give life-changing support to their clients and those close to them
  • Support allied medical professionals
  • Support spiritual or secular care needs
  • Provide natural, holistic after-death care
  • Give and support after-death body care
  • Assist families and people in planning for family-led holistic funerals, vigils, or ceremonies
  • Offer grief and bereavement support and care for the living
  • Plus, much, much more!

 The course will be delivered both face to face and via live zoom classrooms, tutorials, forums and practicums, meaning that students are able to enrol in this course from anywhere in Australia.


How will someone know if this course is right for them?

 This course will be perfect for anyone who is committed to making a difference in the world, and who wants to do something meaningful with their life. Whilst many people volunteer their time to support others at the end of their lives, the launch of the 10966NAT Certificate IV in End of Life Doula Services means that it can now also be a sustainable career choice as well, either via private practice or in a more conventional care setting.

 Applicants should be:      

  • Passionate about helping others
  • Feeling “called” to this line of work
  • Looking to do something fulfilling
  • Emotionally mature & committed
  • A professional who wants to upskill
  • An EOLD ready to take the next step

For those interested in becoming an accredited EOL Doula?

Registration for the first-ever course closes on June 6th, 2022 (for course commencing June 26th, 2022).

For media enquiries or further information about the course or Preparing the Way and end of life education, please email media@preparingtheway.com.au and they’ll be happy to help.