The results of our 2023 social media survey

The results of our 2023 social media survey

Your voices have resonated deeply at Preparing the Way, and we are beyond grateful for the outpouring of insights you shared in our recent social media content survey. We wanted to share the survey results and how it will help shape our social media strategy in 2024.

Your favourite platforms

Overwhelmingly, our community uses Facebook more than other social media platforms. Instagram was a distant second, with YouTube and LinkedIn immediately behind it. Very few of you use text-based micro-blogging sites such as X (formerly known as Twitter), Mastodon, Bluesky, and Threads. Almost none of you are on the short-form video giant TikTok.

Your preferred content

We asked you what type of content you find the most valuable and enjoyable on our social media channels, and 68% of you said educational posts. You also told us you like testimonials, quotes, and feel-good stories.

We also asked you what you want to see from us in 2024. We received a wide range of answers, including book and movie reviews, more information on grief, how to interact with children, behind-the-scenes content, and ideas to spark conversations about end of life doula care. But the number one answer was personal stories.

You want to hear more about the work doulas are doing and the people and communities we support. You told us you wish to see more from regional/remote areas and more cultural inclusion and representation. Our Legends also want more content around establishing and growing their businesses as professional end of life doulas.

What’s next?

We’ve heard you, and with your insights, we embark on the next phase of our journey together. Here’s what you can expect from us in 2024:

  • Personal narratives and community spotlights
  • Educational posts and videos
  • More behind-the-scenes content
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Informative articles and other resources from around the web

In closing, a big thank you to everyone in our community. Your willingness to share, connect, and support one another sets Preparing the Way apart. We’re honoured to navigate this path with you, learning, growing, and expanding the doulaverse.


Cosette Paneque

Digital Consultant & End of Life Doula

As the Digital Consultant for Preparing the Way, Cosette excels in website and social media strategy to support the growth and outreach of end of life doula training in Australia and New Zealand. She is also a dedicated end of life doula, providing compassionate, personalised care. Visit her at